Fun Salad Fish

Salad Fish

Sometimes the boys have to bring in a “share” plate to school/Kinder/Cubs/team events. I am always wanting to come up with something fun that impulses the other members to dive in and yet is healthy. I try and make the dish from lots of bite sized pieces so everyone can have just a little at a time.

Healthy party food for kids

The salad fish is one of my simple designs that can be modified dependent upon what you have available and can be jazzed up with a pot of dip!  Enjoy my fun food plate.


– 2 celery stalks

– 2 carrots

– 1 cherry tomato

– I used corn for the bubbles

– I used yoghurt for the eyeball


1. Slice the celery and arrange into a “body” shape. Don’t worry, you can move around later if necessary!

Salad Fish - 1 Celery

2. Slice carrots for the head.

Salad Fish - 2 + Carrot

3. Add more carrot slices for the fins.

Salad Fish - 3 + Fins

4. And even more carrot for the flashy tail. I love carrots as they are sweet, crunchy, available all the year round, a great colour and cheap to buy!

Salad Fish - 4 + Tail

5. Add half a cherry tomato for the eye. I used a blob of yoghurt for the eyeball.

Salad Fish - 5 + Mouth & Eye

And a slice of the tomato for the mouth.

6. Decorate the sea bed with bits of celery, carrot and tomato.

Salad Fish - 6 + Sea Bottom

7. And add some bubbles.

Healthy party food for children

8. I tried some different tails too.

Healthy party food for kids

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

Fun Brekkie Bread Tree

Brekkie Bread Tree

OK so I am a bit fixated on tree designs I admit. But they are so simple and so effective and a great one to do with the kids.

This is a fun food bread and egg one that takes no time at all to whip up but looks funky and appetising.

Healthy breakfast food for kids


– Slice of thick cut bread (or could use toast)

– 2 eggs scrambled

– 1 tomato (for the inside of the flowers)

– I used mushrooms, tomatoes and parsley for detail


1. Cut the bread into the shape of a trunk and branches. I deliberately left it “rustic” style as it adds to the character and makes it twice as simple!

Brekkie Bread Tree - 1 Bread

2. Cut the scrambled egg into flower shapes. I used a mini cookie cutter.

Brekkie Bread Tree - 2 Egg Flowers

3. Add some mushrooms for rocks on the ground.

Brekkie Bread Tree - 3 Mushroom ground

4. Slice the tomato and cut into small squares. These make the centre of the flowers.

Healthy breakfast food for children

5. I added some tomato slices and parsley.

Healthy fun food breakfast

6. And then thought it was a bit busy so took them off again!

Healthy fun food for kids

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

Fun Fruit Clown

Fruit Clown

Gail asked for a fruit clown in the style of the salad one so here it is especially for Gail. I actually created him that day but there have been so many other designs vying for space on the blog that he kept getting delayed!!

This is such an easy, fun food way to present fruit for a party, playgroup, kinder, playdate or other social gathering.

      Healthy party plate clown

As with the veggie clown it is very simple to create and as you can see from the Kids Specials page on the website children of all ages can do their own version. In fact it’s a great group or party activity and an easy way to get everyone eating fresh food.


– 2 Bananas

– 2 large kiwi fruit

– 1 red apple

– 1 plum

– 1 mandarin

– 1 slice melon

As usual you could substitute all of these. If you prefer use apple slices instead of banana or melon instead of kiwi or pear instead of plum. I always just create from what’s in the fridge. Although, admittedly I go to the markets once every week and come back laden with sacks of veggies and fruit for the week so my fridge is always overstocked!!


1. Make a circle from bananas for the face.

Fruit Clown - 1 Banana

2. Add kiwi slices in the shape of the hat.

Fruit Clown - 2 + hat

3. Cut a mouth and nose from the outside of the apple.

Fruit Clown - 3 + Nose & mouth

4. Cut slices from a plum to make the crosses.

Fruit Clown - 4 + eyes

5. And slice the plum cheeks to make the eyes.

Fruit Clown - 5 + eye crosses

6. Use mandarin segments to give him hair.

Fruit Clown - 6 Hair + Bobble

And a circle of flesh cut from the apple to make a bobble for the hat.

7. Add some melon slices for a tie with a circle of plum for the centre of the bow.

Healthy food for children clown

8. A great fun way to eat a shared dessert.

Healthy party plate clown

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

Fun Sandcastle Cous-cous Style

Sandcastle Cous-Cous Style

Cous-cous looks like sand, it just does!! I was cooking one night and decided it would be fun to see if I could build a fort from it as you do at the beach. Actually it turned out to be way easier and less effort (not to mention less gritty) than at the beach.

The boys were absolutely delighted and had such fun moving bits onto their plates. This is a versatile fun food design as you can build it anyway you choose!

Healthy, fun food for kids


– Cous-cous (I used wholemeal)

– I used corn, carrot and wilted spinach for detail

– Toothpick for flagpole


1. I filled a plastic bucket we got as a clever Easter present with cooked cous-cous (it is designed to hold boiled eggs). An egg cup, shot glass or other small receptacle would make a great substitution. Pack it in as you would sand.

Cous Cous Sandcastle - 1 Bucket

Tap the sides and the top just like at the beach to knock it out.

2. Then I used a mini loaf tin for the long sides but making it all from one shape or improvising with what you have available is order of the day!!

Cous Cous Sandcastle - 2 Bucket + Tub

3. Build your fort.

Cous Cous Sandcastle - 3 Whole Sandcastle

As with the beach its way harder but way more fun to have the kids involved!

4. We used wilted spinach as seaweed.

Cous Cous Sandcastle - 4 Castle + seaweed

5. And then made shells from steamed carrots and corn.

Healthy, party food for kids

And a flagpole from a toothpick and a flag from a triangle of carrot.

Healthy party food for kids

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

Fun Brekkie Handbag

Brekkie Handbag

There had to be something a little more feminine hiding in a wheat brick and thankfully I found it. This simple, fun food handbag is dedicated to Genie who is surrounded by brothers and is looking for more traditionally girlie designs!!

Healthy breakfast handbag


– 1 wheat brick

– Yoghurt – I coloured it pink with some raspberries

– Raspberries (can use strawberries or other fruit) for trim and handle

– I used sunflower seeds and pepitas for detail


1. Cut the wheat brick into a “handbag” shape. They cut quite well if you are careful.

Brekkie Handbag - 1 wheat brick

2. Mix yoghurt with a red fruit to colour pink. Cover wheat brick with yoghurt mixture.

Brekkie Handbag - 2 Yoghurt covered

3. Add handle and trim. I used chopped frozen raspberries (winter so no fresh boo hoo!).

Brekkie Handbag - 3 + trim

4. Then I added a clasp (pepitas).

Brekkie Handbag - 4 + clasp

5. And some detail (sunflower seeds).

Healthy breakfast food handbag

6. A quick and easy breakfast design. Get creative!!

Healthy fun breakfast

7. Or even pinker.

Healthy breakfast food for children

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

Fun Baa Baa Blackberry Sheep

Baa Baa Blackberry Sheep

OK so we are officially mid-winter here so there is not a berry to be found anywhere. However, in high summer we spent a pleasant day by the river filling pots to overflowing with juicy blackberries which we lovingly froze in our chest freezer. I had promised the boys that mid-winter we would treat ourselves. And so we have.

Blackberries always look plump and almost fluffy to me so I knew just how to present them in a fun food way. Of course if you have fresh berries …..

       Healthy fun food for kids


– Blackberries

– 1 Apple (pears or other fruit would work as well)

– I used almonds, pepitas and mint leaves for detail


1. Make the body of the sheep from the berries.

Baa Baa Blackberry Sheep - 1 Body

2. I peeled an apple and cut the white flesh to make the sheep’s legs.

Baa Baa Blackberry Sheep - 2 Body + legs

3. Give her a head and tail!

Baa Baa Blackberry Sheep - 3 + head

4. Cut 3 sacks from apple flesh.

Baa Baa Blackberry Sheep - 4 + bags

5. Give the sheep a face (a few bits from a berry)

Baa Baa Blackberry Sheep - 5 + face + tail

6. And fill the sacks with “wool”.

Baa Baa Blackberry Sheep - 6 Full Bags

7. Then I used some slivers of almonds and some mint leaves for ground.

Baa Baa Blackberry Sheep - 7 Ground

8. And a few pepitas to give the sheep something to stand on.

Healthy snacks for children

9. Baa baa blackberry sheep. Delicious on its own or with a dollop of yoghurt.

Baa Baa Blackberry Sheep - Finished

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

Fun Kid’s Clowns

Kid’s Clowns

Diana from Perth sent me some photos of her nephew’s clown creations. Ashton (5) and Riley (just 4) had great fun making salad clowns for their dinner. They followed the pictures from the website on the laptop and tried not to eat the tomato noses until everything was finished!

In fact they were so proud of what they’d made they didn’t want to eat until their father got home from work and had a look.

Go to the Kids Specials page and see photos of their fab work.

If you have photos of fun food your children have created from the website please send through to with a description of how it all went and I can put them up in the kids gallery.

The Art of Nutrition

Fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small.

Fun Mash and Mince Teddies

Mince and Mash Teddies

I reckon my husband is one of the few men who return home from work to eat teddy bears for dinner. Apparently they taste delicious!!

This is a lovely, fun food and easy dish to make. Add a few veggies and you have a full meal for the family. The kids can decorate their own teddies and everyone is happy. As usual get creative and use whatever you have lying around. I have used a chilli bean and mince recipe with my mashed potato. Use beetroot to stain the mash if you want pink teddies.

Healthy meals for kids


– Meat mix (or a lentil/bean vegetarian/vegan option)

– Mashed potato

– I used corn, carrot and olives for detail


1. Use a cookie cutter mold to make teddies.

 Chilli Teddies - mold

2. I have alternated mince and potato.

Chilli Teddies - moldx2


3. I wish now I hadn’t used a white plate as the mash disappears in the photos!!!

Mince Teddie - 3 4 Teddies

4. Then add the teddy features. I used mince on the potato and mash on the meat.

Healthy fun food for children

Then I added carrot, corn and olives to make hands, feet, bow ties and faces.

The Art of Nutrition

Fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small.

Fun Spring Brekkie Tree

Spring Brekkie Tree

We all loved the Autumn/Fall brekkie tree so I decided it would be really good fun to create a series, one for every season.

Outside our house in Aus was a beautiful cherry blossom tree and as soon as the flowers came out it signalled the end of winter for me. This fun food design is modelled on the fabulous white and pinkish/red of the tree before the green leaves grow through. It is so simple to make and a great one to get the mini-chefs involved in.

Rather than eat this as a cereal we added yoghurt and the boys had it as a smoothie.

Healthy breakfast food for kids


– Banana

– Oats (I used wholegrain)

– Raspberries (as it’s winter here they were frozen ones)

– Almonds, sunflower seeds, pepitas for the ground (anything breakfasty is good!)


1. Cut the banana down the centre and then slice off the rounded edge to make the trunk.

Spring Brekkie Tree - 1 Banana

I cut a divide into the end of the trunk and then fashioned branches from the rest of the banana.

2. Add oats as “blossoms”.

Spring Brekkie Tree - 2 + oats

3. Put pieces of raspberry around to finish the bright flowers.

Spring Brekkie Tree - 3 + Rasp

4. I added oats, nuts and seeds around the base to create the soil.

Healthy Breakfast food for children

5. And then finished with some coconut for the falling blossoms.

Fun food for breakfast

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

Fun Decadent Apple Cake

Decadent Apple Cake

This is a cake dedicated to my dear friend Neil who is always trying to convince me to be more gratuitous in my recipes. Probably not quite the sugar fix he had in mind but it oozes decadence never the less.

This would be a fun food addition to any party and is simple but healthy. Other fruit could be substituted in the centre and you can get really creative with the toppings.

Healthy party recipes


– 1 Apple

– Yoghurt – I used thick, Greek (no sugar, no additives)

– Slivered almonds

– Hazelnuts – for decoration (and a raspberry on the alternative)

– Mint leaves – for decoration


1. Peel and core the apple. I don’t have a special corer so I butchered it with a knife instead!

Decadent Apple Cake - 1 apple

2. Cover with yoghurt (if the yoghurt is too thin then you can thicken by freezing for a while or even mixing in some milk powder).

Decadent Apple Cake - 2 plus yoghurt

3. Add toppings. I covered the sides with slivered almonds.

Decadent Apple Cake - 3 plus nuts

4. I topped with hazelnuts.

Decadent Apple Cake - 4 plus hazels

5. Then jazzed it up with a mint leaf or two.

Healthy party food

6. I also experimented with other toppings … get creative!!

Decadent Apple Cake - Finished 3

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

Ninja-bread Men

Ninja-bread Men

I’m not really one for lots of gadgets in the kitchen. I went and purchased every cookie cutter available in the local discount store when I started on my food design and haven’t really got much since. However, I LOVE looking. I happened to be in the food wholesalers catering section (Mummy Haven as the mini-chefs call it) and they had a box of “Ninja-bread men” cookie cutters. My boys begged me to get them as they were “so cool”. I will now need to get my monies worth out of them so here is the first of my fun Ninja designs:

Very simple sandwiches cut from wholegrain bread in the shape of Ninjas with veggies for detail. Such a great idea for a party and so easy to do.

Ninjabread Man - Finished


– Wholegrain bread

– Filling – I used lettuce and cheese

– Peas and carrots – for the ground

– Veggies for detail – I used green beans, carrots, beetroot and corn


1. Cut the bottom piece of the bread using the mold.

Ninjabread Man - 1 in mold

2. Cut the filling with the top piece (makes it waaayyyyyyy easier to get it all to fit together).

Ninjabread Man - 2 4 men

3. Make the ground. I used peas and carrots.

Ninjabread Man - 3 plus Carrot-peas

4. Put detail on the “men”. I made eye wraps, belts and weapons.

Ninjabread Man - 4 All men Kitted out

5. I realised the beetroot didn’t show up at all so sprinkled it with oat bran so it showed up!

Ninjabread Man - Finished

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

Breakfast Boat

Breakfast Boat

I was actually cutting wheat bricks to try and make a handbag (as you do!) when the ship’s shape just popped out.

I love these fun designs that just come out of nowhere and can be whipped up in a few minutes. The boys were of course very pleased at breakfast (aside from the birds which they thought should have looked “better”).

Wheat brick Boat - Finished


– 3 wheat bricks

– Seeds/nuts for the sea (I used pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and sunflower seeds)

– 4 raisins

– 2 dried dates (used to make the funnel and the birds)

– 1 dried apricot (for the cabin window)


1. Cut a sloping edge on two wheat bricks for the bow and the stern on the main part of the boat.

Wheat brick Boat - 1 bricks

Cut a square piece from a wheat brick to make the cabin and place on top.

2. Put seeds, fruit or chopped nuts along the bottom for the ocean.

Wheat brick Boat - 2 boat + sea

I also put some wheat brick crumbs over the join on the main part of the boat.

3. Add four raisins for portholes and I cut a dried date to make the funnel.

Wheat brick Boat - 3 portholes

4. Add a cut piece of dried apricot for the cabin window.

Wheat brick Boat - Boat + birds

I also squeezed a date into two roughly bird shapes and I liked them (even though the mini-chefs were critical).

5. I used a little yoghurt for some steam for the funnel and added long strands of dried coconut as wispy clouds.

Wheat brick Boat - Finished

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

Magic Wand

Magic Wand

I had some watermelon left over from another design so used a cookie cutter to make a star and from there …..

Fun, quick and simple and you could swap in whatever fruit you have available.


– Watermelon (star and sparks)

– Pineapple (handle and sparks)

– Mandarin segments (sparks)

– Coconut shreds


1. Cut the watermelon with a cookie cutter.

Magic Wand - 1 Star

2. Add a handle.

Magic Wand - 2 Star + handle

3. I added some magic sparks … get creative!!

Magic Wand - 3 Wand plus

4. I cut some little bits of watermelon for the bottom of the plate.

Magic Wand - Finished


And some long shreds of magic coconut to finish it off.

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

Pasta Train – Choo Chew ….

Choo chew, veggies coming through ….

This was a fun food design I did ages ago and the boys were delighted. As it’s on the front of the website I need to make good on my promise and give instructions as to how to make this fun food dinner.

Do not be intimidated by this as it’s actually quite simple and doesn’t take very long to put together. The veggies can all be steamed in one pot and the pasta in another and then it’s very quick and easy to build. As with most of my recipes older children can probably follow the instructions pretty much independently and the younger ones can help.

Healthy meal ideas

This is a fun way to present a very basic meal of pasta, cheese and veggies. Enjoy …

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Please substitute any of the veggies, I generally just make work what I have in the fridge.

– Wholemeal pasta. Penne works best because of the tubular shape.

– Carrots (for the engine)

– Green beans – for the window & carriage connectors

– 4 Cherry tomatoes (I used a slightly larger one for the back wheel of the engine hence why 4)

– Peas – for carriage load

– Mashed pumpkin – for carriage load

– Grated cheese – for steam

– Cauliflower – for clouds

– Pasta spirals – I used these for the track (the one on the front of the website uses spaghetti – again whatever is available. Cut the penne if you wish).


1. Build the shape of the engine. The penne slot against each other quite well but you can always slice off the ends to make them more rectangular.

Pasta Train - 1 Engine

Add two halves of a cherry tomato (slice off very end so it doesn’t roll around) for the front and back wheels.

2. Add the shape of the carriages and their wheels.

Pasta Train - 2 Engine & carriages

3. Slice steamed carrots to fill the inside of the engine.

Pasta Train - 3 Engine carrot filler

4. Add a funnel to top of the engine and beans for the window.

Pasta Train - 4 Engine window & funnel

5. Add the peas and pumpkin fillers for the carriages. Big piles in triangular shapes look best!!

Pasta Train - 5 Filled carriages

6. Add carriage links.

Pasta Train - 6 carriage links

7. Add cheesy steam and cauliflower clouds.

Pasta Train - 7 Steam & clouds

8. Place tracks beneath the train.

Fun train food

Chuff chuff into dinner ….]

The Art of Nutrition

Fun, healthy, creative, food for kids big and small..

Brekkie Tree – Autumn/Fall

Brekkie Tree (Autumn/Fall)


Breakfast lends itself so well to easy designs. It’s so much fun to surprise the boys in the morning with a different take on the same foods.

I was looking at all the crumbs at the bottom of the wheat-brick box and suddenly I knew how to utilise them in a fun way and yet so simple.

Brekkie Tree Autumn-Fall - Finished


– Banana

– Wheat brick (crumbs are just fine!!)

– Seeds/nuts/raisins for embellishment. I used pepitas, sunflower seeds and raisins


1. Slice the banana down the centre and then slice off the curved edge so the main trunk sits flat on the plate.

Brekkie Tree Autumn-Fall - 1 trunk

Add slices from the rest of the banana as branches.

2. Sprinkle wheat-brick crumbs around the “branches” and at the bottom of the trunk.

Brekkie Tree Autumn-Fall - 2 leaves

3. I then added a few pepitas, sunflower seeds and raisins. These add interest but also additional nutrients and texture.

Brekkie Tree Autumn-Fall - Finished

4. Then I poured the milk not knowing exactly what to expect ….

Brekkie Tree Autumn-Fall - Finished w-milk

5. And it looked cool!

Brekkie Tree Autumn-Fall - Finished full milk

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.