Fun Pineapple Bee

Pineapple Bee

I love summer with all the fruit so luscious and plentiful. It makes designing fun food plates a delight.

This is my simple bee.

Healthy snacks bee



– Pineapple

– Dark skinned plum

– Blueberries

– Desiccated coconut


1. Cut the plum to make the black stripes.

Pineapple Bee - 1 stripes-001

2. Then I cut a slice from the pineapple to make the head (if you don’t have a whole pineapple you can form the circle from pieces).

Pineapple Bee - 2 head-002

3. Using pineapple to fill in the yellow stripes.

Pineapple Bee - 3 yellow stripes-003

4. The wings and antennae were made with blueberries cut in half.

Pineapple Bee - 4 wings-005

5. Then I sprinkled desiccated coconut into the wings to give them the gossamer look.

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Fun Veggie Scooter

Veggie Scooter

Every now and again I need something very easy and it doesn’t get a lot simpler than this.

Here is my fun food veggie scooter which is a slam dunk crowd pleaser!

Feed fussy kids scooter


– Carrots

– Green beans

– Corn

– I used brown rice for the ground


1. Cut steamed carrots into circles for wheels.

Veggie Scooter - 1 wheels-011

2. Make the long front bar from a green bean.

Veggie Scooter - 2 front bar-010

3. Then make the footplate and support bar from more beans.

Veggie Scooter - 3 base-009

4. And I added some extra bulk to the footplate with another chopped bean.

Veggie Scooter - 4 footplate-008

5. Then fashioned handles from corn.

Veggie Scooter - 5 handles-007

6. And used the rice I was cooking for the ground.

Healthy snacks scooter

7. Ready to roll ….

Healthy food for kids

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Fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small

Fun Oaty Three Blind Mice

Oaty Three Blind Mice

It’s great to reproduce classic nursery rhymes and they’re always instantly recognisable!

Here is my breakfast fun food three blind mice.

Healthy breakfasts for kids


– Porridge – I soaked then cooked oats to make a simple porridge

– Apple (or other fruit)

– I used raisins, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds for detail


1. Form the shape of a mouse from porridge.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 1 body-002

2. Then make 2 friends.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 2 three-003

3. And cut them some ears from apple.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 3 ears-006

4. I made some dark glasses from raisins.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 4 glasses-007

5. Then some cute little feet from bits of apple.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 5 feet-008

6. And some long tails from slices of apple.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 6 tails-009

7. Making a floor from sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 7 floor-011

8. And little noses from a bit of the red apple.

Cute breakfast ideas

9. Run mice, run ….

Healthy breakfast food

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Fun Cartoon Insect

Cartoon Insect

I love doing simple cartoony shapes that are very forgiving to the non-artistic!

This was my fun food insect that I was able to whip up very quickly for a play date share.

Healthy snack ideas


– Red apple (use pear or other fruit if you wish)

– Green apple

– Plum (or use any other contrasting harder fruit)


1. Cut the large cheek off the side of the red apple for the abdomen.

Cartoon Insect - 1 apple-012

2. Then a smaller bit of the other cheek for the thorax.

Cartoon Insect - 2 head-011

3. I used slices of a green apple for the wings.

Cartoon Insect - 3 Wings-010

4. And cut more of the red apple for the head.

Cartoon Insect - 4 head-009

5. Then I sliced a bit of plum for the mouth.

Cartoon Insect - 5 mouth-008

6. And some circles for the eyes.

Cartoon Insect - 6 eyes-007

7. Then some apple irises and some plum pupils.

Cartoon Insect - 7 pupils-006

8. Followed by more plum slices for antennae.

Cartoon Insect - 8 antennae-005

9. And then a little stinger from green apple.

Healthy party food

10. Here is my fun food insect ready to eat.

Healthy food for kids


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Fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small

Fun Pasta Lion

Pasta Lion

We were having a few people over so I couldn’t resist making a creative side plate.

This is visually effective but really quite a simple fun food plate. I have found that most children love hummus and when teamed with some freshly cut veggies it makes a great, healthy share plate for special occasions. This was served warm as a side plate and vanished in minutes.

Healthy party food

I made the hummus as it’s easy and means I can cook without all the additives the store bought tubs come with.


– Hummus

– Pasta (I used wholemeal spirals)

– Spaghetti for the whiskers (I used wholemeal)

– Cheese (Edam)

– Olives – for detail

– Grated carrot for highlight


1. Shape some hummus into a “face” shape.

Pasta Lion - 1 head-003

2. I slapped hummus around to stick the pasta to.

Pasta Lion - 2 outline-004

3. Then added the pasta spirals as a mane.

Pasta Lion - 3 mane-005

4. I shaped some ears and a nose from more hummus.

Pasta Lion - 4 ears & nose-006

5. Then some whisker pads.

Pasta Lion - 5 whisker pads-007

6. Before adding the eyes cut from cheese.

Pasta Lion - 6 eyes-008

7. I used the cheese to give the ears detail.

Pasta Lion - 7 ear detail-010

8. Then made irises for the eyes from carrot.

Pasta Lion - 8 pupils-011

9. And added detail to the face with slices of olive. Pupils, eyebrows and nose.

Pasta Lion - 9 olive detail-012

10. Before adding some whiskers.

Pasta Lion - 10 whiskers-013

11. Then I used grated carrot to liven him up and give him colour.

Healthy food ideas lion

12. And here he is in all his majesty … ROAR …

Healthy appetisers

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Fun Egg Volcano

Egg Volcano

The boys were soooo excited when I was making this. They could not wait to eat it. Unfortunately the photos do not do it justice as it’s hard to get perspective with the camera. The “lava” was a spectacle and they couldn’t wait to taste the “mountain”.

Healthy breakfast food

Here is my fun food egg volcano, perfect for breakfast or a main meal. It doesn’t take long to cook and you can serve on top of bread, rice or just some veggies.


– Eggs

– Tomato paste

– Bread

– I used mushrooms, onion and spinach for the background


1. Separate the eggs.

Egg Volcano - 1 eggs (1 of 1)

2. Place bread on greased baking paper on a tray.

Egg Volcano - 2 bread (1 of 1)

3. Whisk the egg whites until stiff. I used a stick blender.

Egg Volcano - 3 whipped whites (1 of 1)

4. Fashion the whipped egg whites into a volcano shape on top of the bread (making a hollow for the sauce).

Egg Volcano - 4 volcano whites (1 of 1)

5. I spooned a little tomato paste into the well at the top.

Egg Volcano - 5 tomato (1 of 1)

6. Then added the egg yolks carefully on top of that and put them in the oven (180 degrees for 10-15 mins).

Egg Volcano - 6 yolks (1 of 1)

7. As the eggs were cooking I fried some mushrooms and onions.

Egg Volcano - 7 mushrooms (1 of 1)

And placed them in a ring on each plate.

8. Then I slid the cooked egg volcanoes from the oven onto the plate.

Egg Volcano - 8 cooked (1 of 1)

9. Which I had added some baby spinach leaves to.

Egg Volcano - 9 egg on mushrooms (1 of 1)

10. Then the boys were able to puncture the yolk with their knife and let the tomato/egg mixture become the lava down the side of the volcano.

Egg Volcano - 11 eruption-012

11. It was all very exciting.

Creative food for breakfast

12. And nutritious and delicious too ….

Food for fussy eaters

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Fun Strawberry Mice

Strawberry Mice

I’m on a bit of a roll with the strawberry designing at the moment. Not sure why but keep thinking of different fun food plates I just have to make.

Here are my cute and simple strawberry mice.

Healthy party ideas

I used blueberries for the tails but you could just as easily make them from thinly sliced apple or even seeds like sunflower.


– Strawberries. Bigger are easier to work with. I only had one with a pointy end (for a nose shape) so sliced the other two into shape. It was not uber perfect but they still looked cute!!

– Blueberries – for noses, eyes and tails

– Almond flakes – for ears

– Apple – for the cheese (could use any larger fruit)


1. Cut the strawberry top off and if it doesn’t have a “pointy” end then slice into shape.

Strawberry Mice - 1 strawberries (1 of 1)

2. I made a little hole and stuck half a blueberry in for the nose.

Strawberry Mice - 2 noses (1 of 1)

3. Then did the same for the eyes.

Strawberry Mice - 3 eyes (1 of 1)

4. And made two incisions for the ears and inserted flaked almonds.

Strawberry Mice - 4 ears (1 of 1)

5. Then I cut more blueberries in half to make the tails (tapering at the end).

Strawberry Mice - 5 tails (1 of 1)

6. I sliced an apple quite thickly and then made into a triangle. I then cut little holes to give the impression of a holey cheese.

Strawberry Mice - 6 cheese (1 of 1)

7. And there they were my strawberry mice ….

Healthy food strawberry

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Fun Salad Butterfly

Salad Butterfly

As my parents are here visiting from the UK it’s a great opportunity to put together platters. Here’s a fun food salad plate that I made for dinner. I served it with some lettuce and home-made dressing and it was a big hit.

Simple but effective it would be perfect to serve at a gathering or for a group of children to choose veggie bits to dip at a party.

Healthy food ideas


This is so versatile as you could use any veggies you have to hand. I used:

– Celery

– Carrot

– Cherry Tomatoes

– Cucumber

– Capsicum (bell pepper)

– Olives


1. Cut the celery horizontally and use to make the outline of the butterfly wings.

Salad Butterfly - 1 outline (1 of 1)

I cheated and drew a faint outline to work to.

2. Then I added some carrot cut into circles.

Salad Butterfly - 2 carrot (1 of 1)

3. And some more at the top.

Salad Butterfly - 3 more carrot (1 of 1)

4. Then I sliced cucumber into circular shapes and then into quarters.

Salad Butterfly - 4 cucumber (1 of 1)

5. I chopped cherry tomatoes in half and used them for more detail.

Salad Butterfly - 5 tomato (1 of 1)

6. To make the body I used olives which I also cut in half.

Salad Butterfly - 6 olives (1 of 1)

And then sliced some celery thinly for the antennae.

7. To fill in the spaces I used more celery.

Salad Butterfly - 7 filling (1 of 1)

8. Then thought she needed some additional colour so added some capsicum triangles.

Cute healthy food

9. And a beautiful butterfly is born …

Healthy party food

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Fun Pancake Rocket

Pancake Rocket

My boys love crepes (or thin pancakes) as a treat and I have to say they are great to design with as you can make them into pretty much any shape.

These crepes I used to make a fun food space scene and then combined them with fruit for a bit of sweetness.

Space party food


– Crepes or pancakes. I make simple wholemeal ones with flour, egg and milk.

– I used strawberries for detail but any fruit you have on hand would be great.

– Desiccated coconut for the distant stars.


1. I cut the body of the rocket.

Pancake Rocket - 1 rocket (1 of 1)

2. Then added the fins.

Pancake Rocket - 2 fins (1 of 1)

3. And a tail and a pointed front.

Pancake Rocket - 3 tail & front (1 of 1)

4. I used strawberries to add detail.

Pancake Rocket - 4 detail (1 of 1)

5. And of course no rocket would be complete without a destination.

Pancake Rocket - 5 planet (1 of 1)

I cut a planet and gave it a “ring”.

6. Then some stars.

Healthy pancake ideas

7. And a sprinkle of coconut for the distant constellations.

Healthy breakfast ideas

Blast off!!!

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Fun Strawberry Cups

Strawberry Cups

Who doesn’t like to share a cup of tea or coffee with friends?

Here is a fun food way to have a little tea party for a snack or dessert. Great way to present a healthy share plate.

Healthy snacks for kids


– Strawberries (larger are easier to work with!)

– Blueberries (for the handles)

– I used little chunks of apple to hold the handle in place (any harder fruit would do)

– Yoghurt for the filling (for dairy free you can always substitute coconut cream)

– I sprinkled cacao powder for the cappuccino effect


1. Cut the stem from the strawberry and then slice the other end off and hollow it out.

Strawberry Cups - 2 hollow (1 of 1)

2. I sliced blueberries in half and cut off the flesh to leave primarily the black outer skin. Then I wrapped this around a small semi-circle of apple flesh to form the handle.

Strawberry Cups - 3 handles (1 of 1)

I then pushed these up against the “cup” where they sat nicely.

3. I filled with some Greek yoghurt.

Strawberry Cups - 4 filling (1 of 1)

4. Then sprinkled with cacao powder.

Healthy party food

5. And we’re ready to have a lovely cappuccino together!

Healthy food for kids

Strawberry Cups - Finished (1 of 1)

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Fun Girl’s Designs

Girl’s Designs

I received these lovely photos of two sisters from Jakarta who have made some of their favourite fun food designs, improvising with what was in their fridge.

Girls Designs 1 (1 of 1)Kids healthy food

First they made a gorgeous, smiling watermelon sun substituting in some apple and apricots for mango and orange. It’s the happiest looking sun I’ve ever seen!

Healthy food for kids

Then they made a super impressive winter scene with a banana igloo, strawberry Santa’s and some giant date penguins.

Thanks so much for sending these in girls, they have put a huge smile on my face.

If you’d like to send in pics of your own fun food plates please feel free to email me via the website.

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Fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small

Fun Jacket Potato Car

Jacket Potato Car

There is always heated debate in our household as to how to cook a jacket potato. The boys and I love them when they are cooked uncovered and the skin is tough, brown and delicious. Roy on the other hand prefers a more delicate version with the potato wrapped to cook leaving the skin paler and softer.

Healthy food for children

The fun food car I made uses the crispier version but you can of course do either!

This is so quick and simple to prepare and was a slam dunk winner with my boys.


– Jacket potatoes

– For detail I used corn, cherry tomatoes, celery, carrot and baby spinach leaves. Feel free to substitute for whatever you have in the fridge.


1. Look for and cook a potato that has a cylindrical type shape.

Jacket Potato Car - 1 potato (1 of 1)

2. Cut a little triangle that gives you the drivers area and bend the sliced skin back to make the back of the seat.

Jacket Potato Car - 2 seat  (1 of 1)

3. Add 4 chunky tyres. I used carrots but other cylindrical veg would work.

Jacket Potato Car - 3 wheels (1 of 1)

4. I used a piece of celery for an ostentatious exhaust.

Jacket Potato Car - 4 exhaust (1 of 1)

5. And one sliced horizontally for a steering wheel.

Jacket Potato Car - 5 steering wheel (1 of 1)

6. Then I added some corn kernel headlights.

Jacket Potato Car - 6 lights (1 of 1)

7. Followed by some rear lights cut from a cherry tomato.

Jacket Potato Car - 7 rear lights (1 of 1)

8. And the car was ready to hit the celery road.

Jacket Potato Car - 8 road (1 of 1)

9. Brum brum into lunch or dinner …..

Healthy food for kids

Healthy meals for children

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Fun Avocado Turtle

Avocado Turtle

Love, love, love avocadoes and it’s the season for them this time of year in NZ.

Avocadoes make a great breakfast, lunch or snack food. I have made a very simple, fun food plate that the mini chefs can help you make.

Healthy breakfast food

I served on toast but it would be delicious on mushrooms or on its own.


– Wholegrain toast

– ½ avocado

– 2 cherry tomatoes

– I used cottage cheese for eyes

– Baby spinach leaves


1. Place half the avocado on top of the toast.

Avocado Turtle - 1 avo (1 of 1)

2. Add a cherry tomato for the head.

Avocado Turtle -  head (1 of 1)

3. Then slice another cherry tomato into 4 pieces to make the legs.

Avocado Turtle -  3 legs (1 of 1)

4. I used cottage cheese to make two little eyes.

Avocado Turtle -  4 eyes (1 of 1)

5. Then added some spinach leaves for his environment.

Healthy snack food

6. Or should he be on green?

Healthy avocado snack

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Fun Apple Present

Apple Present

There are a lot of people with birthdays at this time of the year and it’s hard for them not to get subsumed by all the other celebrations.

This is in recognition of all the birthday boys and girls, including my not so little brother …

Healthy food party


– An apple

– Yoghurt


1. I cut the apple into a squarish shape and took out the core.

Apple Present - 1 apple (1 of 1)

2. Then covered with yoghurt.

Apple Present - 2 yoghurt (1 of 1)

3. I cut the outside of the apple into strips to make the ribbon.

Apple Present - 3 bow (1 of 1)

4. Then fashioned a bow.

Apple Present - 4 bow (1 of 1)

5. And it’s as simple as that. Lovely, tasty, fun food snack finished.

Healthy food birthday


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Happy New Year


Happy New Year and welcome 2014.

Healthy party platter

I have done a really simple fun food plate to start the year. Use any fruit you have to create a visual share platter.

Healthy New years food


I’m looking forward to sharing three or more new designs a week with you all in 2014. If you enjoy looking at my posts please feel free to comment or ask questions.


Any fruit.

– I used apple, banana, apricot & kiwi fruit (and then swapped in plum)


1. I used number cookie cutters.

2014 - 1 molds (1 of 1)

2. Then began to fill them with fruit. I started with apple cut into pieces.

2014 - 2 fruit (1 of 1)

3. And added banana, apricot and kiwi fruit.

2014 - 3 filled (1 of 1)

4. Removed the molds.

2014 - 4 numbers (1 of 1)

5. And added some blueberries.

Healthy food for parties

6. A simple, delicious plate finished.

Healthy party food

7. But does it look better with plum instead of kiwi?

Healthy food New Year


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