Fun Bread Fish

Bread Fish

I put this together for a quick but fun dinner.

Healthy meals for children

I did something similar making the fish from pumpkin and made a video which you can check out:

Or you can go to the “Video” page on the website.

This proves what I keep saying which is that most of my designs are very, very simple and quick to put together. The pumpkin fish took less than 3 minutes once everything was cooked!!


– Bread – I used wholemeal

– Mashed pumpkin for the seabed (any mashed veg would do)

– Corn – I used to create a sandy look on the seabed

– Green beans, broccoli, carrots – for the plants on the seabed (and fish’s features)

– Prawns, calamari and fish for the seabed

– Peas for the bubbles

– Olive for fishes eyeball

Swap in other veggies or seafood you have handy!!


1. Put the mashed pumpkin down for the seabed and stud with corn.

Bread Fish - 1 seabed

2. Place the veggies and seafood on the pumpkin to make the seabed. Arrange as it comes!

Bread Fish - 2 Veg + seafood

3. I used a cookie cutter to cut the fish shape.

Healthy meals for children

Then I used carrot and beans to make the eye, mouth and gills. I gave her an eyeball with a slice of olive. I also used peas for bubbles.

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