Fun Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen

I had some left over pie-filling and pastry so decided to make a fun food, magical-mini table setting. I then got half way through and changed plan. And then realised I had another idea to simplify too ….


– Pastry (recipe under Substitution Sunday)

– Filling (use meat pie/lentils/quiche/beans)

– Mashed potato (optionally dyed pink with beetroot juice .. which can’t be tasted)


1. Roll out pastry and put into greased tin

Fairy Glen - Pastry in tin

2. Bake at 180 degrees for approx. 15-20 mins until crisp

3. Add filling.

4. Cover with mashed potato as table spread. Get smooth with a knife.

Fairy Glen - Pastry & mash

5. Decorate with your choice of veg.
I used:
Beetroot – for plates
Green Beans – for cutlery and vase. Seeds were used on one of the “serving plates”
Corn – for glasses
Parsnip – for serving plates
Carrot – for food on plate
Mash – for decoration

Fairy Glen - Rectangle Table

6. Make chairs. I used steamed carrots cut half way up to make seat with back. I then realised that the orange clashed horribly with the pink plate. OK it clashes with the table “linen” too but I could cope with that ….. just.

Fairy food

7. Then in looking at it I realised the chairs lent themselves to a round table. I had run out of pastry mixture so just used a bowl, filled it with my meat/lentil mixture and put the potato on top. Voila, a cottage pie and a simpler version of the recipe. No pastry just a filler (mince or steamed veg & cheese or tomato, mushroom & tuna) topped with mash.

Fairy food for parties

8. This is a design I put together previously using slightly different settings for the table and chairs. Your imagination is your limit 

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  1. Gail says:

    How pretty and “girlie”. Live the pink and in my house the beetroot plates and carrot chairs are big winners. Great for a little girls tea party.

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