Fun Cartoon Insect

Cartoon Insect

I love doing simple cartoony shapes that are very forgiving to the non-artistic!

This was my fun food insect that I was able to whip up very quickly for a play date share.

Healthy snack ideas


– Red apple (use pear or other fruit if you wish)

– Green apple

– Plum (or use any other contrasting harder fruit)


1. Cut the large cheek off the side of the red apple for the abdomen.

Cartoon Insect - 1 apple-012

2. Then a smaller bit of the other cheek for the thorax.

Cartoon Insect - 2 head-011

3. I used slices of a green apple for the wings.

Cartoon Insect - 3 Wings-010

4. And cut more of the red apple for the head.

Cartoon Insect - 4 head-009

5. Then I sliced a bit of plum for the mouth.

Cartoon Insect - 5 mouth-008

6. And some circles for the eyes.

Cartoon Insect - 6 eyes-007

7. Then some apple irises and some plum pupils.

Cartoon Insect - 7 pupils-006

8. Followed by more plum slices for antennae.

Cartoon Insect - 8 antennae-005

9. And then a little stinger from green apple.

Healthy party food

10. Here is my fun food insect ready to eat.

Healthy food for kids


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