Fun Oaty Three Blind Mice

Oaty Three Blind Mice

It’s great to reproduce classic nursery rhymes and they’re always instantly recognisable!

Here is my breakfast fun food three blind mice.

Healthy breakfasts for kids


– Porridge – I soaked then cooked oats to make a simple porridge

– Apple (or other fruit)

– I used raisins, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds for detail


1. Form the shape of a mouse from porridge.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 1 body-002

2. Then make 2 friends.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 2 three-003

3. And cut them some ears from apple.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 3 ears-006

4. I made some dark glasses from raisins.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 4 glasses-007

5. Then some cute little feet from bits of apple.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 5 feet-008

6. And some long tails from slices of apple.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 6 tails-009

7. Making a floor from sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Oaty 3 Blind Mice - 7 floor-011

8. And little noses from a bit of the red apple.

Cute breakfast ideas

9. Run mice, run ….

Healthy breakfast food

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