Fun Salad Garden

Salad Garden

I really wanted to use my little, metal cookie cutters so decided to make a salad garden.

This fun food tray was so simple to make and you could use any veg you have on hand. My boys love picking their favourite bits off the platter and dipping in home-made mayo. And of course it’s great “rainbow” food. The more natural colours the more nutrients!

Creative salads for kids


I used:

– Cucumber

– Lettuce

– Cherry tomatoes

– Carrot

– Baby spinach leaves

– Coriander (cilantro) stems

– Celery

– Capsicum (bell pepper)

– Corn

– Hummus

But as you can see you could chop and change most of the ingredients!


1. Make some cucumber flowers. I cut with a cookie cutter then made stems from celery.

Salad Garden - 1 cucumber-001

2. Then I added celery leaves.

Salad Garden - 2 leaves-003

3. Next I cut star shaped flowers from carrots and balanced them on coriander (cilantro) stalks.

Salad Garden - 3 carrots-004

4. And added celery “grass”

Salad Garden - 4 celery-005

5. Giving the carrot flowers baby spinach leaves.

Salad Garden - 5 spinach-006

6. To add colour and sweetness I used cherry tomatoes balanced on cucumber stems for the final bunch of flowers.

Salad Garden - 6 tomato-007

7. Then added detail. Corn centres for the tomatoes, hummus for the carrots and red cabbage for the cucumber.

Salad Garden - 7 detail-009

8. The garden seemed to be missing something so I added a butterfly. I used scissors to cut the wings and then used the inside of the tomatoes and some capsicum to make the detail.

Fun snacks for kids

For the body I used carrot and the antennae were cut from red cabbage.

9. The perfect summery garden.

Fun food for kids

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