Fun Oat Puppy

Oat Puppy

This was supposed to be a slam dunk, quick design but as usual I wasn’t 100% happy with the results of the cookie cutter mold so had to adapt. Using a mold, even if you make changes does make things easier though as you have a basic shape to work to.

Here is my still simple and quick oat puppy fun food breakfast.

Puppy breakfast picture


– Oats – I use wholegrain and soak for a while to soften and make them easier to mold.

– I used some papaya for the ball (any fruit you can cut into a circle would work)

– I used pepitas (pumpkin seeds) for the ground.

– I used a raisin for the eye and sliced almonds for mouth and ear


1. I filled a cookie cutter mold with softened oats.

Oat Puppy - 1 mold-016

2. Then thought I’d prefer him standing up, with 2 legs and a longer tail …

Oat Puppy - 2 Puppy-018

It was fortunately quite simple to bend him around a bit.

3. Then I added a raisin eye and a bit of sliced almond for the mouth.

Oat Puppy - 3 eye & mouth-019

4. And another piece of almond for the ear.

Oat Puppy - 4 ear-020

5. I used a cookie cutter to cut a circle from a piece of papaya and sprinkled pepitas for the ground.

Creative breakfast food

6. And there it is a quick and nutritious fun food breakfast.

Healthy breakfast food for kids

Woof Woof.

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