Fun Salad Hot Air Balloon

Fun Salad Hot Air Balloon

This was so much fun to make. It was really easy, just a question of chopping the ingredients (which you have to do anyway) and then placing them inside the balloon shape.

Lots of fresh salad veggies married with a little cheese, what could be better in a fun food share plate?
Creative Salad for kids


– I used cottage cheese (cream cheese/ricotta or a mash would also work)

– Carrots, red & yellow capsicum (bell pepper), celery, radish, cucumber, red cabbage for the balloon. Use anything you have available!

– Mushroom for the basket

– Cottage cheese for the clouds


1. I smeared cottage cheese in the shape of the balloon. This makes the veggies stay in place and gives you a shape to work to.

Salad Hot Air Balloon - 1 cheese-carrot-001

I made an outline from carrot cut into circles.

2. Then added layers of red capsicum, celery and began one of yellow capsicum.

Salad Hot Air Balloon - 2 capsicum cucumber-002

3. I finished the yellow …

Salad Hot Air Balloon - 3 yellow capsicum-003

4. Before adding some radish.

Salad Hot Air Balloon - 4 radish-004

5. Then some cucumber sliced into semi-circles.

Salad Hot Air Balloon - 5 cucumber-005

6. And filled the centre with red cabbage.

Salad Hot Air Balloon - 6 red cabbage-007

7. I used strips of the red cabbage to make the wires attaching the balloon to the mushroom basket.

Salad Hot Air Balloon - 7 basket-008

8. Before adding some cottage cheese fluffy clouds for it to float through.

Creative salad ideas for kids

Perfect rainbow food for any occasion …..

The Art of Nutrition
Fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small

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6 Responses to Fun Salad Hot Air Balloon

  1. nia says:

    what is the dressing you use on it ?

    • Judith says:

      I used cottage cheese under the balloon but you could use ricotta or cream cheese. For a non-dairy option I would use hummus/pureed cauliflower or a bean puree 🙂 Judith

      • nia says:

        how do you make the mushroom basket and do you have to use radish ?? and how do you get the strip from the cabbage ?

        • Judith says:

          Hi Nia, The mushroom basket is just a large mushroom with the top sliced off and then cut to the shape shown in the picture. You can swap in any veg you like. I used radish for the colour and because my boys like it. You could use corn or beans or cauliflower etc. With the cabbage use the outer leaves and then slice a long strip using a sharp knife.
          Hope that helps, Judith

  2. nia says:

    did you colour the mushroom ?

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