Fun Pancake Ice Cream

Pancake Ice Cream

Shrove (pancake) Tuesday is one of my enduring childhood memories. Remembering the thrill of watching my Dad flipping pancakes in the kitchen (a skill he did not pass down to me) and the delight of scoffing a treat on a Tuesday evening ….

My boys LOVE pancakes and so how could we not continue the tradition? Tomorrow is the big day so I thought I’d do a breakfast version. Given that traditionally it signifies the last chance to indulge in foods that are to be forgone during Lent I thought an ice cream shape was very appropriate!

Pancake Tuesday recipes

Here is my fun food, breakfast pancake which is actually made with my favourite crepe recipe (1 cup wholemeal flour, 2 cups milk, 3 eggs. Whisk milk and eggs, add to the flour and combine and then cook in a pan).


– Pancake/crepe

– Scrambled egg

– Cherry tomato

– Slice of mushroom

– I decorated with diced, fried red onion


1. Roll the pancake into a cone shape and slice along the top so it’s straight.

Pancake Ice Cream - 1 pancake-001

2. Add scrambled egg to the top for the ice cream.

Pancake Ice Cream - 2 egg-002

3. Then I used a cherry tomato for the top.

Pancake Ice Cream - 3 cherry-004

4. Before sticking a slice of mushroom in for the flake.

Pancake Ice Cream - 4 mushroom-005

5. But in looking at it the “cherry” was too small so I swapped it for a larger one.

Pancake Ice Cream - 5 bigger cherry-006

6. I was frying off some onions and thought they’d make great sprinkles!

Healthy pancake ideas

7. Ready to serve ….

Creative breakfasts for kids

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