Fun Apple Baskets

Apple Basket

Easter baskets seem to be a very traditional part of the season. My boys love using them to collect the muesli eggs the bunny kindly leaves as he knows they don’t eat chocolate!!

I’ve made a super simple, fun food apple basket that can be filled with fruit of your choice. Joe was so taken with it and couldn’t wait to eat it. It’s a great party piece as everything is edible.

Healthy Easter snacks for kids


– Apple

– Fruit to stuff. I used grapes, blueberries and bits of the rest of the apple


1. Cut the apple in half.

Apple Basket - 1 apple (1 of 1)

2. Hollow out one side.

Apple Basket - 2 hollowing (1 of 1)

3. Slice the handle from the other side. Cut across the top/middle to make as high as possible and then remove most of the flesh.

Apple Basket - 3 handle (1 of 1)

4. Stuff with fruit.

Apple Basket - 4 filled basket (1 of 1)

5. And it’s as quick and easy as that.

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