Easter – how many “treats”?

Easter – how many “treats”?

Religion aside, Easter is one of those times that make me ponder what we, as a society, have created as the norm for children in regards to celebrations. I wander into any supermarket, discount store, variety shop and even petrol/gas station and am greeted by rows and rows of chocolate eggs. How many do we need!?!?!?

I made the decision when my boys were born not to introduce chocolates, lollies and sweets as a “treat”. I felt there were many better options for rewards and also I wanted to make their lives simpler. They just do not crave sweets (unlike the rest of us!!).

This has made Easter so simple in our house as there is no expectation of chocolate or traditional Easter Eggs. I do not want to be a complete “bah, humbug” either so we have created traditions that the boys look forward to and make Easter into a special celebration. Each year I make a clutch of home-made eggs created from a healthy muesli bar recipe and wrap them in brightly coloured paper. These then get hidden around the house and garden (weather dependent) and the boys love the thrill of the hunt. We also have a special meal out over the long weekend and spend time together picking a restaurant that will make for a really good night out for everyone.

I wonder whether the chocolate excess is really a necessary part of Easter or whether like many things in our consumer driven societies it has become an accepted norm when really it’s quite “abnormal” to expect our children to eat multiple, large eggs. Having a chocolate egg for Easter seems like an exciting “treat”. Is having more too much? Should we be looking for alternative gifts if gifts are part of our tradition?

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