Pear Hedgehog

Pear Hedgehog

I can’t look at a pear without seeing some sort of an animal. Their shape just lends itself to creating! This is one I did for the boys last year and they were delighted by how fun and cute it was. I love using seeds as they are chock full of nutrients and are a great healthy snack.


    Pear Hedgehog - Front


– Pear

– Dried fruit (I used apricots and sultanas)

– Pepitas (dried pumpkin/squash seeds). Sunflower seeds or almond flakes would also work well.


1. Cut the pear in half and carefully remove the core.

Pear Hedgehog - Cut Pear

2. Make holes for the eyes, ears and nose (do not worry if they are not perfect as the fruit will squash over and cover any cutting ugliness).

Pear Hedgehog - Cut Pear + eyeholes

3. Add features to the hedgehog.

Pear Hedgehog - Cut Pear + eyes, nose, ears

4. Start adding the pepitas.

Pear Hedgehog - Caesar Do

He looks very Roman like this!

Initially you may find that the seeds seem to fall out quicker than you can put them in but persevere and work from the front backwards.

5. Cover completely.

Pear Hedgehog - Finished

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