Brekkie Racing Car

Brekkie Racing Car


We had our first frost of the year today and so it’s cold but with glorious blue skies and sunshine. Made me think of breakfast and getting out and about so I put together something super simple and fun that I knew would be a crowd pleaser.

 Racing Car 2 - Finished 


– Breakfast brick. I used a Wheat Brick (I am experimenting with making my own oat ones and will let you know how it goes!)

– Banana (apple would be a good substitute if you prefer)

– Round fruit such a grape (I used half a cherry)

– Seeds for decoration



1. Place the brick on the plate. Cut the smaller ends of the banana for the front wheels and from the fatter part for the back wheels.

Racing Car 2 - Brick & wheels

2. Cut a slice for the front of the car and two blocks for the back (the rear wing will balance on these).

Racing Car 2 - Front & back

3. Cut a slice for the rear wing (I am assured this is what it’s called !?!!?) and place on the blocks.

Racing Car 2 - Seat

Cut a semi-circle to become the seat behind the “driver”.

4. Cut the piece of fruit in half to become the driver. I also made him a little steering wheel.

Racing Car 2 - Finished 2

Decorate if you wish. I added pepitas and sunflower seeds for crunch, extra nutrients and colour!

This really is so quick and easy. Add milk and zoom into the day …..

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