Fun Wheatbrick Nest

  Wheatbrick Nest

I was absent mindedly reading the outside of the wheatbrick box as I was putting it away and there were suggestions as to how to serve. One of them was adding bananas and my mind raced from there.

This fun food, breakfast nest has got to be one of the simplest ever!

Cute, creative breakfast for kids


– 2 Wheatbricks

– 1 banana


1. I sliced the wheatbrick and then cut into smaller bits to build the outside of the nest. All the crumble went in the centre.

Wheatbrick Nest - 1 wheatbrick (1 of 1)

2. Then I added an extra layer.

Wheatbrick Nest - 2 extra layer (1 of 1)

3. Before cutting some banana pieces into rough egg shapes.

Wheatbrick Nest cute breakfast idea

And that was it. Simple but delicious ..

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