Fun July 4th Veg

July 4th Veggies

Independence Day coming up in the US so thought I’d experiment with natural colours and see if I could create a blue. It was more green than I’d have liked 🙁 but was super simple to do. I just chopped a handful of red cabbage, placed in boiling water and added a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda. I left the lid on the pot for a few minutes and then drained the cabbage. I mixed this with mash for a natural blue.

Here’s a fun food, veggie celebration plate using “blue” food.

blue food 4th July healthy


– Mashed potato mixed with naturally dyed cabbage

– Red Capsicum (bell pepper)

– Mushrooms (peeled)


1. Mould a “4” from the mash mixture.

4th July Veg - 1 4 (1 of 1)

2. Then add the “th”.

4th July Veg - 2 th (1 of 1)

3. I used a cookie cutter to make some capsicum stars.

4th July Veg - 3 stars (1 of 1)

4. And another one to cut out some smaller, mushroom ones.

4th July Veg - 4 white stars (1 of 1)

5. One smaller red star and some capsicum streamers and that’s it!

4th July Veggies fun food


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