Fun Pear Pirate

Pear Pirate

I found some lovely, black skinned plums at the market and thought of pirates!

Using a plum and a green pear I put together a fun food fruit plate, great for a snack or a dessert.

Fun, healthy food for kids pirate


– Pear (or apple)

– Honeydew Melon (or other melon)

– Plum

– Sunflower seeds


1. Slice the pear in half and then cut off the central seedy bit. Use the inner part of the cheek.

Pear Pirate - 1 pear (1 of 1)

2. Add some melon for the bandana.

Pear Pirate - 2 cap (1 of 1)

3. Then cut the cheek of the plum into the shape of a patch.

Pear Pirate - 3 patch (1 of 1)

4. Add some more melon for the additional material of the bandana.

Pear Pirate - 4 material (1 of 1)

5. Use plum for the eye patch straps.

Pear Pirate - 5 patch straps (1 of 1)

6. Then make an eye from pear and a pupil from more plum.

Pear Pirate - 6 eye (1 of 1)

7. The inside of the plum was a lovely, bright red so worked well for the mouth.
Pear Pirate - 7 mouth (1 of 1)

8. I then cut a simple skull and crossbones from plum skin.

Pear Pirate - 8 skull & crossbones (1 of 1)

9. Gave him a sunflower seed beard.

Pear Pirate - 9 beard (1 of 1)

10. Ahoy mateys!!

Pear Pirate Fun food art

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