Max & Joe “do” Clown Faces

Max & Joe ‘do’ Clown Faces


Last night the boys saw the clown face I’d made as part of dinner and they were so inspired and wanted to do their own versions. I was tired, it was late and I said no …. but, after some high level negotiations we compromised on them doing their own but with no help from me at all. I got the veggies out (fortunately I had cooked enough potato) and set them up with a plate, a chopping board and a knife they can wield safely.

They sat in front of the Ipad and scrolled through the instructions on the blog (generously sharing some of the food with the screen) and were able to come up with their own plate each. Max had to help Joe with some of the chopping and they fought over the olives but aside from that it was smooth sailing. They were also so excited to eat their own work.

Which, does go to prove that the design may look complicated but it is actually very simple and great fun for the kids too!!

Max's Clown Face

Max’s version

Joe's Clown Face


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