Fun Avocado Skulls

Avocado Skulls

I found some lovely, ripe avocadoes and as we were having a Mexican inspired dinner I thought what better but some salsa-stuffed skins.

Some fun food, avocado salsa skulls. Perfect for dinner or a party, simple to make and delicious to eat.

Avocado Skulls


– Avocado

– Salsa (I made with avocado/tomato/coriander(cilantro)/chilli/lemon)

– Cheese


1. Slice the avocado in half and remove the seed.

Avocado Skulls - 1 avocado

2. Scoop out the flesh then use the back part of the half that has been scooped out and the edge of the other side to make the salsa “receptacles”.

Avocado Skulls - 2 scooped out

3. Put the avocado flesh back in, mixed with your additions of choice.

Avocado Skulls - 3 stuffed

4. Add some cheese eye sockets.

Avocado Skulls - 4 eyes

5. And some noses.

Avocado Skulls - 5 noses

6. Then score some cheese rectangles to make the teeth.

Avocado Skulls - 6 teeth

7. Bit of decoration and they’re ready to eat.

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