Fun Tulip Field

Tulip Field

We were privileged to have Craig Smith, author of the Wonky Donkey and many other children’s books over for dinner this week.

Wonky Donkey Fun food art

I decided that I just had to use the beautiful strawberries that have just come into season and what better than a fun food field of tulips.

Sugar free party food tulips


– Pear

– Strawberries

– Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

– Kiwi Fruit

– Orange

– Desiccated coconut


1 . Slice some pear to make the main part of the windmill.

Tulip Field - Test-001

2. Add some pear sails.

Tulip Field - 2 sails-002

3. Cut strawberries in half and make an indent at the top and then slice the bottom at an angle on each side for the flower shape.

Tulip Field - 3 tulip-003

4. Add as many as you’d like.

Tulip Field - 4 tulips-004

5. Then I used pepitas to form the ground.

Tulip Field - 5 ground-005

6. And sliced kiwi fruit to make the stems.

Tulip Field - 6 stems-006

7. With more cut to make rough leaves.

Tulip Field - 7 leaves-007

8. Before adding a lovely, big, orange sun to help the flowers grow ..

Tulip Field - 8 sun-008

9. A few desiccated coconut clouds to dip the fruit into and it’s all done.

Fun Food art tulips fruit

Next time Craig comes he will get his own plate so he doesn’t eat all ours ….

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