Tomato Poppy

Tomato Poppy

This is the one day of the year I am not preparing a fun food plate. Today I am creating a tribute to all those who sacrificed. This is in honour and thanks.


Poppy food art Lest We Forget


– Large tomato

– Black Olives

– Baby Spinach


1. Slice the side of the tomato to form a petal.

Tomato Poppy - 1 tomato-001

2. Then add 3 more.

Tomato Poppy - 2 petals-002

3. Use olives to make the dark seeds in the centre.

Tomato Poppy - 3 centre-003

4. I cut the edges of the “petals” to make them a little squarer.

Tomato Poppy - 4 squared edges-004

5. Add a spinach leaf cut into the shape of a poppy leaf (scissors work!).

Tomato Poppy - 5 leaf-005

6. I used some letter cookie cutters to carefully make the letters.

Tomato Poppy - 6 letters-006

7. Then some larger ones for the number.

Tomato Poppy - 7 no's-007

8. I added some detail.

Tomato Poppy Lest We Forget


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  1. Zaza says:

    Wow! This is so beautiful 🙂

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