Apple Helicopter

Apple Helicopter

The bright red of this apple just screamed shiny paint. Combine this with the shape and there’s a helicopter just waiting to fly out!

This is fun, quick and simple and my boys were delighted.


– 1 apple (green or red)

– 2 bananas (can just squeeze out the shapes needed using 1 banana if you cut carefully and use apple for the cab door)

– I used yoghurt for the clouds


1. Cut the apple cheek to form the cab of the heli.

Apple Heli - 1 Apple

2. Cut two thin strips of banana to form the outside of the tail and another bit for the ski. I cut and took the photo and then realised the ski needed to be bigger once I put the propellers on (and looking at this photo now it should have been obvious!!).

Apple Heli - 1 b with tail & ski

3. Cut pieces from the inside of the apple to make the cross pattern in the tail.

Apple Heli - 2 tail + ski

4. Cut two more small strips of apple for the propeller struts top and rear. Slice long pieces of banana for the propellers on top and smaller ones from apple for the back.

Apple Heli - 3 Propellers

5. Slice a piece of banana or apple for the door on the cab. Apple Heli - Finished

I also added yoghurt clouds for extra interest, calcium, probiotics and to dip into.

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