Fun Asparagus Ballerina

Asparagus Ballerina

I can’t look at asparagus without thinking about long limbs, and what better to showcase that than a ballerina.
Not sure I’ve done her justice but here’s my fun food, ballet take on asparagus anyway!

Fun food for picky kids Ballerina


– Steamed potato (or bread)

– Asparagus

– Radish (or red capsicum/bell pepper)


1. Cut the potato into an oval for her body.

Asparagus Ballerina - 1 body-001

2. Add her head (I made it a little larger at the end).

Asparagus Ballerina - 2 head-002

3. Use the tip of the asparagus for her hair.

Asparagus Ballerina - 3 head piece-003

4. Give her some beautiful arms.

Asparagus Ballerina - 4 arms-004

5. And some supple legs.

Asparagus Ballerina - 5 legs-005

6. Use a little of the asparagus tip for the eyes and some radish for the lips.

Asparagus Ballerina - 6 face-006

7. Then add a tutu from radish.

Asparagus Ballerina - 7 skirt-007

8. Before moving her into a more graceful position (well I thought so!).

Asparagus Ballerina - 8 new pose-008

9. I thought I was finished but then realised her head looked a smidge small.

Asparagus Ballerina - 9 detail-011

10. That’s better!

Food Art ballerina

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