Fun Pancake Santa

Pancake Santa

The Christmas countdown has officially started at The Art of Nutrition. Watch this blog for a host of healthy, fun food ideas for Christmas.

A Pancake Santa?

fun, healthy Christmas breakfast Santa pancake


– Pancake

– Strawberries

– Yoghurt (coconut cream)

– Raisins (blueberries)

– Desiccated coconut


1. Cut a circle for Santa’s head.

Santa Pancake - 1 pancake-001

2. Add a hat.

Santa Pancake - 2 hat-002

3. Then fit it to his head.

Santa Pancake - 3 hat fitted-003

4. Cover the hat with chopped strawberries.

Santa Pancake - 4 strawberries-004

5. Add yoghurt trim and bobble.

Santa Pancake - 5 yoghurt-005

6. Cut some more pancake for his eyes and give him raisin pupils.

Santa Pancake - 6 eyes-006

7. Then make a little strawberry mouth.

Santa Pancake - 7 mouth-007

8. And surround it with a big fluffy beard and moustache.

Santa Pancake - 8 beard-008

9. Add a pancake nose and some coconut snow.

Santa Pancake - 9 nose-011

10. Finish with some ears.

Fun food art santa pancake

Ho Ho Ho!

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