Fun Veggie Turkey

Veggie Turkey

A special plate to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US. I have very fond memories of my time living in N.C. and thought a fun food pumpkin dish was in order!

Fun food for thanksgiving turkey


– Roast pumpkin

– Roast parsnips

– Roast zucchini (courgette)

– Roast carrots

– Roast cauliflower

– Roast red capsicum (bell pepper)

– Steamed broccoli

– Steamed green beans


1. Make a neck from pumpkin.

Veggie Turkey - 1 neck-001

2. Add a head (I made this larger later).

Veggie Turkey - 2 head-002

3. Give her some zucchini wings.

Veggie Turkey - 3 wing-003

4. Then a luxurious tail of carrot and parsnip.

Veggie Turkey - 4 tail feathers-004

5. Add a green bean beak.

Veggie Turkey - 5 beak-006

6. Then some cauliflower “ruffles”.

Veggie Turkey - 6 ruffles-008

7. Her wings needed to be a little more prominent so add the darker zucchini too.

Veggie Turkey - 7 extra wings-009

8. And then give her a larger head.

Veggie Turkey - 8 head-010

9. With some pumpkin legs.

Veggie Turkey - 9 legs-011

10. Add a bright red capsicum wattle.

Veggie Turkey - 10 wattle-012

11. And some eyes made from the inside of a slice of parsnip with darker roasted bits for pupils.

Veggie Turkey - 11 eyes-013

12. Use the broccoli and green beans as grass.

Veggie Turkey - 12 grass-014

And make her strut.

13. Ready to serve …

Thanksgiving Veggie Turkey


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