Wholemeal-roll Car

Wholemeal-Roll Car


I saw these lovely, grainy wholemeal rolls and couldn’t resist. Their shape just screamed car to me and so on a lovely, sunny day I decided to put together an egg salad for the boys.

Really, really simple fun and fresh you could even stuff in a lunchbox for a special fun treat
(with or without driver).

Wholemeal Car - Finished Side

I did two versions, one with an egg driver and one with a celery/carrot driver


– Wholemeal roll (preferably rectangular shaped)

– Cucumber or large carrots for wheels

– Carrot for indicators/blinkers

– Corn kernels for lights (or yellow capsicum/bell pepper)

– Carrot for steering wheel

– Celery for bumper bars

– Boiled egg for driver (or carrot on celery body)

– Olive eyes for driver (or raisins)

– Chinese radish – I used for arms (or cucumber/celery)

– Hat for driver – I used radish for eggman and cucumber for carrotman


1. Cut a 3 sided flap towards the back of the roll. This becomes the seat for the driver. You will need to remove a bit of the inside of the roll to make space.

Wholemeal Car - 1 Roll

2. Add indicators/blinkers(pieces of carrot) and lights (corn kernels). If you make a slight hole in the roll you can push them in. I cut the carrots in triangles and inserted the pointy bit into the roll to leave the flat piece exposed.

Wholemeal Car - 2 Steering Wheel & lights

Add a thick slice of carrot as the steering wheel (or cucumber/other round veg).

3. Add bumper bars. I used sticks of celery and stuck them on with some hummus I had in the fridge. I was rapt with them as they even had grooves ….

Wholemeal Car - 3 Bumper Bars

4. Add the egg. Cut him some arms and lay along the side of the “body”.

Wholemeal Car - 4 Egg Driver

5. Give him some eyes and a hat so his head is warm in the convertible!

Wholemeal Car - 5 Egg Driver with Access

He looks a bit of a demon driver so look out on the roads …..

6. Add some cucumber wheels. I cut a small slice off the bottom so they stayed in place easily.

Wholemeal Car - Finished Egg

The boys thought he was fabulous and begged for another for lunch.

Wholemeal Car - Finished Carrot

Mr Carrot takes the wheel ….

Wholemeal Car - Finished Back

See yah!!!

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