Fun Popcorn Snowman

Popcorn Snowman

It’s often difficult to find fun, small gifts to give people. Here’s an idea that doesn’t take long, is easy, economical and fun.

This fun food Popcorn Snowman is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. My boys fought over him and begged me to make another!

Popcorn Snowman great goody bags













You can even personalise.

Christmas snacks for picky eaters popcorn snowman














– Popcorn (I popped some kernels in the pan)

– Clear plastic food bag

– Paper/scissors/tape/scarf


1. I put some popcorn in a plastic bag and tied off the top (leaving space to add the head later). Then I tied the bottom corners off to make it look round.

Popcorn Snowman - 1 bag (1 of 1)









2. I cut the tied off bottom ends to leave a round body.

Popcorn Snowman - 2 bag cut (1 of 1)









3. Then added some popcorn for the head and tied off the top of the bag (do not snip this).

Popcorn Snowman - 3 head (1 of 1)









4. Cut a hat and attach to the head (the tied off bag helps to anchor this). Then give him eyes, nose and mouth.

Popcorn Snowman - 4 hat & face (1 of 1)









5. And some large buttons.

Popcorn Snowman - 5 buttons (1 of 1)









6. I used some scrap material for the scarf or use ribbon or tinsel.

Healthy Christmas snacks popcorn snowman













7. What a great giveaway or treat for the mini-chefs.

Fun food art popcorn snowman













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