Gingerbread Veggie Man

Gingerbread Veggie Man

I was wandering through the catering section of the wholesalers (Mummy heaven as my boys dub it) and saw the gingerbread cookie cutters. An idea came to me and yes, you guessed, it doesn’t contain any sugar …..but is lovely and healthy and fun …

Orange is an easy colour to get from fresh veggies so mashed pumpkin, sweet potato or carrot will work for this.

Although my boys are used to my designs they still loved this fun, really simple addition to the meal table. Even Roy was charmed (I think).

Gingerbread Veggie Man - Finished 1


– Mashed pumpkin/sweet potato/carrot

– Buttons/eyes – I used peas

– Smile – I used a green bean

– Hand/feet décor – I used mashed potato


1. Use a gingerbread man mold. I realised that I didn’t actually own one so used a regular “person” mold instead.

Gingerbread Veggie Man - 1 Mold

2. Then to make him more “gingerbread like” I squished him once out of the mold.

Gingerbread Veggie Man - 2 Squished

Sorry, I am the queen of improvisation – especially when I get to use my fingers!

3. Add buttons. I used peas but any round veggie (or veggie cut into circles would work).

Gingerbread Veggie Man - 3 buttons + mouth

Then a smile. I used a sliced green bean.

4. Add the eyes.

Gingerbread Veggie Man - 4 + eyes

Now he’s starting to look like a gingerbread man!

5. I added cuffs and feet to give him pizzazz using mashed potato.

Gingerbread Veggie Man - 5 + hand-feet trim

6. Or the posh version ….

Gingerbread Veggie Man - Finished 2

With olive eyes and carrot bow tie.

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  1. Diana Simich says:

    Judes, the bow tie is hilarious!
    Love the attention to detail!

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