Vegecational Video Ventures 6 – Simple Cheesemaking

Simple Cheese Making

Joe and I decided to make simple cheese yesterday. It is so quick, economical and easy that it’s something you can whip up for a meal or make weekly and store in the fridge. You also know that there are no additives!
We decided to make Paneer as we’re using lemon juice but change that to vinegar and it’s a “Farmhouse Cheese”. The acidic buttermilk that is the by-product can be used as the base for the most amazing pancakes.

The photo below shows the finished product (we just made a small amount for the video) which can be flavoured with salt and pepper, herbs, pineapple or whatever takes your fancy.

Simple cheese making

Check out the video to see just how simple it is:


– Milk

– Lemon juice or vinegar


1. Boil milk in a heavy pan. Stir to stop it sticking to the bottom.

2. Once the milk has boiled turn the heat right down.

3. Add lemon juice until curds start to separate from the whey.

4. Pour the milk mixture into cheesecloth with a bowl underneath to catch the buttermilk. I don’t have cheesecloth so used a new cleaning cloth with a sieve underneath.

Cheesemaking - 1 making (1 of 1)

5. Squeeze out the whey and let the cheese cool. Chop and add seasoning to taste.

Cheesemaking with kids

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