Vegecational Video Ventures 7 – Home-made Fruit Popsicles

Vegecational Video Ventures – Home-made Healthy Popsicles

High summer and it’s lovely and warm here. Still on school holidays so we thought we’d mix it up and instead of having just fruit for dessert we’d have some fresh fruit popsicles.

My neighbour very kindly gave us a sack of grapefruit from the tree. Divine!! Some were a little bruised on one side so I scooped out the pulp and the juice and decided to use this as the basis for my popsicles. Unusual yes but we all love citrus and that zingy flavour of grapefruit so we married this with some banana (for sweetness) and some plums that were a little over-ripe.

Check out the making on video:

Real fruit icey poles

Then we had a meltingly hot day (well for Wellington!!) so we did a taste test on video:

Home-made fruit popsicles

They were obviously very well received as the boys (big and small) nagged me to make more this morning!


– Use whatever fruit you have to hand. Using banana/mango/pineapple etc. that are naturally sweet helps to give them more sweetness.

– We used 2 grapefruit (juice and pulp), 2 bananas and 2 plums. This morning I made another batch and substituted the plums for 2 handfuls of


1. Wash and cut fruit.

2. Blend until as small as you like. We leave ours a little lumpy as the boys like chunks of fruit.

3. Pour into popsicle moulds or you can just use paper or plastic cups or pots and add a lolly stick if you’d like.

No sugar popsicles

4. Leave overnight or less if you want it a bit “slushy”.

5. Eat!

It’s a lovely treat without any added sugar or additives and perfect to serve at parties or picnics.

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