Simple Platters

Simple Platters

Last night we had the annual meet the teacher shared dinner at the school. Finger foods aimed at adults and children so I did my traditional “veggie sandwiches” and a simple fruit platter. So easy to put together and visually appealing – although I reckon I did a better job last year ….

Veggie Sandwiches healthy party food


Veggie Sandwiches

Great plate for any occasion as you can use whatever you have to hand. I did a combo of just veggies and those with a cheese filling. I also used some home-made apple chutney to stuff the celery batons. Using cookie cutters gives the veggies shape but circles, triangles and squares cut by hand work just as well.

Veggie Platter healthy party food

The plate was cleared pretty quickly so that was a good sign!

Fruit Platter

I had very limited time so just quickly cut some shapes and arranged the fruit on the plate. Bite sized pieces always appeal!

Simple Fruit Platter party food

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