Fun Pear Panda

Pear Panda

Pears and plums are in season at the moment so it would be a crime not to use them – especially as the boys love both.

Here’s my fun food Pear Panda.

Fun food for picky kids Pear Panda


– Green pear

– Plum (dark skinned)

– Rosemary


1. Cut a face shape from the cheek of the pear.

Pear Panda - 1 head (1 of 1)

2. Slice ears from the plum.

Pear Panda - 2 ears (1 of 1)

3. Then some eyes.

Pear Panda - 3 eyes (1 of 1)

4. Before adding a nose and mouth.

Pear Panda - 4 mouth & nose (1 of 1)

5. Use more pear for the body.

Pear Panda - 5 body (1 of 1)

6. Then some plum arms.

Pear Panda - 6 arms (1 of 1)

7. And the outside of the pear cut into strips for the grass.

Pear Panda - 7 grass (1 of 1)

8. Give him some irises from pear then use rosemary sprigs for the background.

Fun, healthy Pear Panda

9. Some plum pupils and we’re done.

Fun food art Pear Panda

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