Falafel at the School Fete

Falafel at the School Fete

The PTA asked me to coordinate a falafel stand at the annual fete and I was delighted to be charged with the task. 200 chick pea burgers later I was not quite so bubbly but very excited to see how popular they were and how people enjoyed them.

Healthy Food at School

We served the falafels on a wholemeal bun with sides of shredded lettuce, carrot and diced tomatoes. For a gluten free option we had bowls so the falafels could be piled with salad.

To jazz it all up I made a big batch of home-made hummus, some raita, a garlic sauce and a refined sugar-free sweet chilli sauce. The chilli sauce was very popular and despite being really spicy was applied liberally to many burgers. In fact all the sauces disappeared and I had very little to cart home.

Healthy Food School Fair

What a satisfying day serving some good wholesome food that was delicious, healthy and well received. Next year we’d like to team this with some fresh fruit smoothies made to order!

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