Tick-tock Pineapple Clock

Tick-tock Pineapple Clock

As I had some older children coming over I wanted something still fun but a little “older” in terms of visuals. I was looking at a lovely, fresh pineapple and the segments just fall into triangles and from there the clock was born.

My esteemed guests used the apple and pineapple as a basis for creating an afternoon snack for themselves and had a fantastic time. Max also loved showing Joe how the Roman Numerals work so win win!


– Pineapple (tinned if no fresh would do)

– Apple


1. Start by cutting segments from the pineapple for the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12.

 Tick Tock Pineapple Clock - 1 Pineapple

2. Add the hands (from apple or pear). It was all simple until I tried to cut the circle for the middle!!

Tick Tock Pineapple Clock - 2 w-hands

3. Make the numbers from slices of the inside of the apple. I used Roman Numerals as it simplifies things enormously!

Tick Tock Pineapple Clock - 3 w-numbers

4. I added little apple rectangles for the other numbers. And, that is it – super simple!

Tick Tock Pineapple Clock - Finished

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