Dips and Madness at the School

Dips and Madness at the School

The parents at my boys’ school run informal sessions at lunchtime on a variety of topics to entertain and educate the students. I love getting involved and promoting healthy food so decided to put together a lunchtime dip and crudites experience.

Cooking healthy food at school

(Me at the hummus station getting the savoury crudites stuff ready).

I had to be very careful with ingredients due to allergies so spent time crafting recipes that were tasty but did not contain common allergens and of course that were still healthy.

I created two savoury and two sweet dips. The savoury dips to be served with celery, carrot and cucumber batons and the sweet with apple and pear slices. The students would be peeling and chopping the fruit and veggies and doing all the measuring, cutting and food processing required to create the dips.

We had four food processors set up to make hummus, pesto (more of a pistou), cookie dough dip and a chocolate dip. None of them used dairy, nuts, sugar or honey (and actually no chocolate – cocoa powder instead).

A fabulous group of parents offered to help and manned the dip stations armed with a food processor, ingredients and a recipe. More adults were stationed at the crudites chopping stations and made sure only the fruit and veggies succumbed to the knives! One more on hand washing duty (at both ends of the session) and coordinating and we were ready. Or we thought we were until we were faced with over 150 students across the two lunchtimes.

Low allergen dips

(The students making a chick pea “cookie dough” recipe).

It was totally mad but absolutely fabulous and the students LOVED chopping, measuring and making their own dips and dippers. There were no accidents but lots of tasting and questions.

The feedback from the parents and students has been excellent with many making the dips again at home and lots surprised that you can make something super tasty using very basic ingredients …

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