Brekkie Tree – Autumn/Fall

Brekkie Tree (Autumn/Fall)


Breakfast lends itself so well to easy designs. It’s so much fun to surprise the boys in the morning with a different take on the same foods.

I was looking at all the crumbs at the bottom of the wheat-brick box and suddenly I knew how to utilise them in a fun way and yet so simple.

Brekkie Tree Autumn-Fall - Finished


– Banana

– Wheat brick (crumbs are just fine!!)

– Seeds/nuts/raisins for embellishment. I used pepitas, sunflower seeds and raisins


1. Slice the banana down the centre and then slice off the curved edge so the main trunk sits flat on the plate.

Brekkie Tree Autumn-Fall - 1 trunk

Add slices from the rest of the banana as branches.

2. Sprinkle wheat-brick crumbs around the “branches” and at the bottom of the trunk.

Brekkie Tree Autumn-Fall - 2 leaves

3. I then added a few pepitas, sunflower seeds and raisins. These add interest but also additional nutrients and texture.

Brekkie Tree Autumn-Fall - Finished

4. Then I poured the milk not knowing exactly what to expect ….

Brekkie Tree Autumn-Fall - Finished w-milk

5. And it looked cool!

Brekkie Tree Autumn-Fall - Finished full milk

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