Magic Wand

Magic Wand

I had some watermelon left over from another design so used a cookie cutter to make a star and from there …..

Fun, quick and simple and you could swap in whatever fruit you have available.


– Watermelon (star and sparks)

– Pineapple (handle and sparks)

– Mandarin segments (sparks)

– Coconut shreds


1. Cut the watermelon with a cookie cutter.

Magic Wand - 1 Star

2. Add a handle.

Magic Wand - 2 Star + handle

3. I added some magic sparks … get creative!!

Magic Wand - 3 Wand plus

4. I cut some little bits of watermelon for the bottom of the plate.

Magic Wand - Finished


And some long shreds of magic coconut to finish it off.

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The Art of Nutrition.

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