Small, Sustainable Steps

Small, Sustainable Steps

Smoothies not popsicles

In my world good health is achieved not via any diet but by following the SSS principle. Small, sustainable steps forward. I know in my house this has meant that as my knowledge about food, the body and what works best for us increases I have made little changes to our menu. Gone are some of the favourites but in their stead have come alternatives or just better options. All of our changes have happened gradually so they are a little less painful and easily sustainable.
We are working on this principle at the school. Providing options for those who already prefer a sugar/preservative free choice but also trying to introduce positive changes for everyone else.
At the annual X-country school competition we again offered our vegan sausages but this time had wholemeal rolls with a choice of grated carrot, shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes with home-made hummus and tomato ketchup as sauces. This provided a full meal for the students who took up the option. The response was fantastic with really great feedback from everyone who purchased one.

Healthy options at school sports days

For the next school sporting event we are discussing having the wholemeal rolls as standard and offering the salad items as optional. The PTA would still use the regular sausages but each child would be able to have a full lunch (as opposed to a slice of white bread and a sausage) should they choose. Having veggies normalised as an integral part of a BBQ is, in my mind, a great step forward.
Last sporting event we offered frozen smoothies. This time we set up a “smoothie bar” with a table of blenders offering either freshly whizzed fruit with yoghurt or with oat milk (as a non-dairy option). Using fresh bananas, apples and frozen strawberries made for an awesome mix and the students LOVED them. Even more exciting were the number of kids who had pre-booked a popsicle but decided they would prefer a smoothie. Obviously the hope is that the smoothies over time replace the popsicles entirely … and there is talk of this … and not coming from me either!!

Healthy BBQ options schools

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