Breakfast Boat

Breakfast Boat

I was actually cutting wheat bricks to try and make a handbag (as you do!) when the ship’s shape just popped out.

I love these fun designs that just come out of nowhere and can be whipped up in a few minutes. The boys were of course very pleased at breakfast (aside from the birds which they thought should have looked “better”).

Wheat brick Boat - Finished


– 3 wheat bricks

– Seeds/nuts for the sea (I used pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and sunflower seeds)

– 4 raisins

– 2 dried dates (used to make the funnel and the birds)

– 1 dried apricot (for the cabin window)


1. Cut a sloping edge on two wheat bricks for the bow and the stern on the main part of the boat.

Wheat brick Boat - 1 bricks

Cut a square piece from a wheat brick to make the cabin and place on top.

2. Put seeds, fruit or chopped nuts along the bottom for the ocean.

Wheat brick Boat - 2 boat + sea

I also put some wheat brick crumbs over the join on the main part of the boat.

3. Add four raisins for portholes and I cut a dried date to make the funnel.

Wheat brick Boat - 3 portholes

4. Add a cut piece of dried apricot for the cabin window.

Wheat brick Boat - Boat + birds

I also squeezed a date into two roughly bird shapes and I liked them (even though the mini-chefs were critical).

5. I used a little yoghurt for some steam for the funnel and added long strands of dried coconut as wispy clouds.

Wheat brick Boat - Finished

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