Fun Tomato Bird

Tomato Bird

I found two different colours of cherry tomatoes that I just had to use.

Here’s my fun food Tomato Bird.        Fun food art Tomato Bird


– Cherry tomatoes

– Olive

– Celery

– Kale

– Cream cheese


1. Use tomato for the head and the body.

Tomato Bird - 1 head & body (1 of 1)

2. Add the wings.

Tomato Bird - 2 wings (1 of 1)

3. Put on the tail.

Tomato Bird - 3 tail (1 of 1)

4. Cut out a triangle for the beak.

Tomato Bird - 4 beak (1 of 1)

5. Use a blob of cream cheese and a dot of olive for the eye.

Tomato Bird - 5 eye (1 of 1)

6. Cut a circle of orange tomato and some rays for the sun.

Tomato Bird - 6 sun (1 of 1)

7. Grab a stick of celery for the trunks and leaves of kale for the foliage.

Tomato Bird - 7 trees (1 of 1)

8. Slice celery for the grass and you’re ready to eat.

Cute food for kids Tomato Bird

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