Fun Corn Bracelet

Corn Bracelet

I know we all struggle with lunchboxes. They are relentless. Every weekday morning there they are again empty and waiting to be filled with inspiration. And, unfortunately time and ideas are not at a premium first thing!

I thought I’d do a series of super simple and fun lunchbox ideas. Yes they may take an extra minute or two to make but having what you put in appreciated and eaten is often worth the additional effort.

Cute food for kids Corn Bracelet

I have made these corn bracelets for my boys and they love them (despite being boys!). It’s a great one to get the mini chefs to make themselves too … What else could you thread?


– Corn


1. Thread a kernel of corn with a needle and thread.

Corn Bracelet - 1 thread (1 of 1)

2. Continue to thread on more corn.

Corn Bracelet - 2 build (1 of 1)

3. Tie it off.

Fun food art Corn Bracelet

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