Fun Delicious Dips at Cubs

Delicious Dips at Cubs

I was really excited to be invited to run cooking sessions for the local junior cubs last week. They have two separate groups so I put together 4 sugar, nut and dairy free dips that everyone could make and then taste. We combined this with some knife skills chopping crudites – veg for the savoury dips and fruit for the dessert dips.

It was all a bit mad especially as the cub leaders needed to take charge of the recipes and I think a few measurements went slightly awry ….! Luckily everyone had a great time and we discovered some very enthusiastic choppers and people who never realised they’d enjoy a pesto or a hummus.

Cooking with six and seven year olds is great fun and there are so many skills they get to use. Everything from how to use a knife safely to which is a tablespoon and which is a teaspoon. And not of course forgetting my favourite mantra – “healthy food is delicious food”.

Healthy dips at Cubs

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