Fun Avocado Turtle

Avocado Turtle

Often fruit and veg ‘speak’ to me. This time it was an avocado … !

Here’s my fun food Avocado Turtle.

Fun, healthy snacks for kdis Avocado Turtle


– Avocado

– Cucumber

– Dill


1. Cut an avocado in half and peel.

Avocado Turtle - 1 avocado-1

2. Thinly slice cucumber and arrange on top of the avocado.

Avocado Turtle - 2 cucumber-1

3. Add 4 feet. I changed to the dark side of the cucumber later!

Avocado Turtle - 3 feet-1

4. Then a cucumber head.

Avocado Turtle - 4 head-1

5. And some big eyes.

Avocado Turtle - 5 eyes-1

6. With darker pupils.

Avocado Turtle - 6 pupils-1

7. Then the foot swap to the darker colour.

Avocado Turtle - 7 feet-1

8. Sprinkle some herbs for background (and flavour!).

Avocado Turtle - 8 background-1

9. And finish with a tail.

Fun food art Avocado Turtle

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