Fun Hummus Fishbowl

Hummus Fishbowl

We love veggies and dip so I often find myself getting creative to amuse the boys (or have them roll their eyes!).

Here’s my fun food, Hummus Fishbowl.

Creative food for kids Hummus Fishbowl


– Hummus (or other dip)

– Corn

– Carrot

– Dill or other edible herbs

– Cucumber

– Radish


1. Make the outline of a fish bowl from hummus.

Hummus Fishbowl - 1 outline-1

2. Add corn for the “sand”.

Hummus Fishbowl - 2 corn-1

3. Give the bowl a lip.

Hummus Fishbowl - 3 opening-1

4. Then populate with carrot fish.

Hummus Fishbowl - 4 fish-1

5. Use edible herbs for the plants.

Hummus Fishbowl - 5 plants-1

6. And cucumber for the fishes eyes.

Hummus Fishbowl - 6 eyes-1

7. A few chunks of radish as shells and all finished!

Fun food art Hummus Fishbowl

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