Fun Chilli Owl

Chilli Owl

I was making some chilli for dinner and decided to whip up a quick owl.

Here’s my fun food, Chilli Owl.

Creative kids food Chilli Owl


– Chilli (or any bolognaise style sauce)

– Cheese

– Tomato

– Avocado

– Black beans (or olives)


1. Fill a bowl with chilli.

Chilli Owl - 1 chilli-1

2. Add two, large circles of cheese for eyes.

Chilli Owl - 2 eyes-1

3. Then a beak from tomato.

Chilli Owl - 3 beak-1

4. And large irises from avocado.

Chilli Owl - 4 irises-1

5. Use black beans for pupils.

Chilli Owl - 5 pupils-1

6. Then finish with a triangle of cheese for the top of the head.

Fun food art Chilli Owl

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