Fun Apple Snail

Apple Snail

Phew, Halloween done for another year so time to return to the cute and fluffy!

Here’s our fun food, Apple Snail.

Fun food art Apple Snail


– Red apple

– Strawberries

– Sunflower seeds

– Yoghurt

– Raisin

– Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

– Rosemary


1. Slice the apple to form the shell.

Apple Snail - 1 apple-0352

2. Add part of a strawberry for the head.

Apple Snail - 1 apple-0353

3. Add a tail.

Apple Snail - 3 tail-0354

4. Give her a pattern on the shell with sunflower seeds.

Apple Snail - 4 pattern-0355

5. Add some antennae.


6. Form the ground from some pepitas.

Apple Snail - 5 antennae-0356Apple Snail - 6 ground-0357

7. Add some eyes made of yoghurt and raisins.

Apple Snail - 7 eyes-0358

8. Then give her antennae round tips.

Apple Snail - 9 ends to antennae-0359

9. And finish with some rosemary bugs.

Cute kids snacks Apple Snail

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