Fun Brekkie Handbag

Brekkie Handbag

There had to be something a little more feminine hiding in a wheat brick and thankfully I found it. This simple, fun food handbag is dedicated to Genie who is surrounded by brothers and is looking for more traditionally girlie designs!!

Healthy breakfast handbag


– 1 wheat brick

– Yoghurt – I coloured it pink with some raspberries

– Raspberries (can use strawberries or other fruit) for trim and handle

– I used sunflower seeds and pepitas for detail


1. Cut the wheat brick into a “handbag” shape. They cut quite well if you are careful.

Brekkie Handbag - 1 wheat brick

2. Mix yoghurt with a red fruit to colour pink. Cover wheat brick with yoghurt mixture.

Brekkie Handbag - 2 Yoghurt covered

3. Add handle and trim. I used chopped frozen raspberries (winter so no fresh boo hoo!).

Brekkie Handbag - 3 + trim

4. Then I added a clasp (pepitas).

Brekkie Handbag - 4 + clasp

5. And some detail (sunflower seeds).

Healthy breakfast food handbag

6. A quick and easy breakfast design. Get creative!!

Healthy fun breakfast

7. Or even pinker.

Healthy breakfast food for children

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

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