Fun Grape Cat

Grape Cat

Someone gave me some lovely black grapes. Would be a shame not to use them!

Here is our fun food, Grape Cat.

Fun food art Grape Cat



– Black grapes

– Yoghurt

– Mint leaves

– Pepitas (sunflower seeds)


1. Use half a grape for a head.

Grape Cat - 1 head-0223

2. Add some ears.

Grape Cat - 2 ears-0224

3. Then a body (I had to make it bigger later as he looked so scrawny and sad).

Grape Cat - 3 body-0225

4. Give him a tail.

Grape Cat - 4 tail-0226

5. And big eyes made from yoghurt and slices of mint.

Grape Cat - 5 eyes-0227

6. Then a grape nose.

Grape Cat - 6 nose-0228

7. With a bigger body.

Grape Cat - 7 body-0229

8. Then some whiskers.

Grape Cat - 8 whiskers-0230

9. Finish with mint & pepitas for the ground.

Sugar free snacks Cat

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