Fun Tomato Weightlifter

Tomato Weightlifter

Tomatoes are coming into season – yeah! My boys love cherry tomatoes as they are so sweet and easy to eat.

We have a whole series of cherry tomato plates … but today, here is our fun food Tomato Weightlifter.

Fun food art Tomato Weightlifter


– Tomatoes

– Carrrot

– Celery

– Olives

– Radish


1. Slice in half two tomatoes of different size to form the head and body.

Tomato Weightlifter - 1 man-001

2. Add some carrot legs.

Tomato Weightlifter - 2 legs-002

3. And some arms.

Tomato Weightlifter - 3 arms-003

4. Make a bar from celery.

Tomato Weightlifter - 4 bar-004

5. Then weights from olive.

Tomato Weightlifter - 5 weights-005

6. Finish with some ground made from radish.

Cute snacks for kids Tomato Weightlifter

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