Fresh Food Flowers

Fresh Food Flowers ….
I was sooo excited last week. One of the lovely ladies that helps out at the school social events helping us to provide healthy choices for the students also has a child at the local Kinder. At their annual fundraising evening she organised sushi for the adults to go alongside the sausage sizzle. For the kids she put together 100 individual pots of fruit. And as the fruit was all free courtesy of the local supermarket it provided a great profit at $ 1.00 per pot.

Fruit Salad - Finished-002
Here I must digress. As much as supermarkets can work against people in terms of eating a fresh food diet I have to admit that our local Countdown is super supportive of any initiatives in the community that promote fresh food eating. Thanks Countdown we are so appreciative!
To have the sushi and the fruit pots was fabulous as it provided excellent choices for those wanting to avoid the standard fundraising fare. But far more exciting is that what we’ve done at the school is now being replicated in other community groups. Yeah!! We have planted the seeds and the fresh food will grow ….
What can you do to provide a fresh food alternative? At your house, in your school, within your community? Many small acts grow change …

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